Measurement laboratory

The measurement laboratory is equipped with modern and high-class measuring equipement. Professionally trained group of specialists enable our laboratory to perform accurate measurements compatible with international methods. Thanks to the developed measurement procedures we are able to provide our clients with the highest level of tests and measurements.

Measuring machines:

- Coordinate measuring machine CNC CMM 3D Crysta Apex S776 MITUTOYO
- Cordinate measuring machine CMM 3D Crysta – Plus M 544 MITUTOYO
- Optical Measurement System KEYENCE IM-6700
- Contour projector PJ-A-3000 MITUTOYO
- Digital linear height gauge LH-600 MITUTOYO
- Digital linear height gauge Hilte Magna 400 TESA
- Contracer and roughness tester Formtracer SV C-3200 MITUTOYO
- Roughness tester type SJ-201 MITUTOYO
- Hardness tester; Brinell’s scale - 2 pcs
- Hardness tester; Rockwell’s scale
- Spectrometer Bruker S1 TURBO SD